USRA Division of Space Life Sciences offers educational opportunities and products for students of all ages — including lifelong learners.


Invited Lectures


Seminar Slide Archive
Archive of slides presented on a wide variety of topics at research and brown bag seminars. These informal seminars have been presented primarily by scientists from the local life Sciences community.


NASA Space Radiation Summer School
The NASA Space Radiation Summer School, coordinated by USRA DSLS, offers graduate and postdoctoral students the opportunity to learn more about the biology and physics of the ionizing radiation found beyond Earth’s atmosphere that will challenge astronauts on exploration missions. The annual Summer School is taught by expert space radiation researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


Bioastronautics Seminar Series Archive
The Bioastronautics Seminar Series was developed by USRA to invite nationally known scientists to present seminars and to participate in collaborative discussions.


UTMB NASA Aerospace Medicine Grand Rounds Archive
Monthly UTMB NASA Aerospace Medicine Grand Rounds seminars sponsored by the Aerospace Medicine Residency Program offer a productive information exchange for both the NASA life sciences community and the medical community. The timely presentations on aviation, aerospace medicine, and microgravity science are open to the public. The seminars are held at USRA Houston and videoconferenced to NASA Headquarters; NASA Johnson Space Center; NASA Kennedy Space Center; the Mayo Clinics in Phoenix, Arizona and Rochester, Minnesota; the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine; the U.S. Army School of Aviation Medicine; the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute; the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow; the National University of Colombia in Bogotá, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Houston. Continuing Medical Education credit from UTMB for physicians is available for participation in Aerospace Medicine Grand Rounds. Please contact Diane Ellison for more details.


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Beginning with the April 25, 2000 Aerospace Medicine Grand Rounds, presentations are archived at this site and may be viewed with QuickTime. CME will not be offered for viewing the presentation on the Internet.

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