Human Research in the Post-Shuttle Era


2010 NASA Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop

February 3–5, 2010
Westin Galleria Hotel
Houston, Texas


The 2010 NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop is the annual meeting for NASA and NSBRI Funded Investigators. The invitation-only meeting will be held Wednesday, February 3 through noon on Friday, February 5, 2010 at the Westin Galleria Hotel located at 5060 West Alabama in Houston, Texas. 

Attendance is limited and registration is required.

“Human Research in the Post-Shuttle Era” will include tutorials and panel discussions to address opportunities, processes, resources, and strategies to optimize research.  Scientific sessions featuring presentations by principal investigators will be organized according to NASA Human Research Program Elements (Behavioral Health and Performance, Exploration Medical Capability, Human Health Countermeasures, Space Radiation, and Space Human Factors and Habitability). The Workshop's goal is to provide an informal, collegial atmosphere for cross-disciplinary interaction. There will be special sessions to showcase new investigators and highlight young researchers.

Organizing Committees

Steering Committee USRA Logistics Committee

Maneesh Arya, Ph.D., Wyle Laboratories
John B. Charles, Ph.D., NASA JSC
Barbara J. Corbin, NASA JSC
Dennis J. Grounds, NASA JSC
Craig E. Kundrot, Ph.D., NASA JSC
Adrian LeBlanc, USRA DSLS
Jeffrey P. Sutton, M.D., Ph.D., NSBRI
David A. Watson, Ph. D. NSBRI

Terri K. Jones, Workshop Coordinator
Dagmar Morgan
Dana Nelson
Kay Nute
Gail Pacetti
Lori Pedersen
Kellie Rogers