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18th Annual
NASA Space Radiation Investigators' Workshop

July 13 –15, 2007
DoubleTree Hotel Sonoma
Rohnert Park, California


Ten graduate students and postdoctoral fellows participated in a Student Poster Contest, held for the first time at a NASA Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop. Cash awards were conferred for posters in the following categories:

"3D Models for Risk Assessment of Space Radiation-Enhanced Colon Tumorigenesis," Andres Roig, M.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Best Postdoctoral Fellow Poster.

"Space Radiation Effects on Lung Cancer Progression in LA1 K-ras Mouse Model of Lung Cancer," Oliver Delgado, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Best Graduate Student Poster.

"Cellular Mechanisms for Acute Cancellous Bone Loss in Adults Caused by Radiation and Stimulated Weightlessness," Hisataka Kondo, D.D.S., Ph.D., NASA Ames Research Center, Second Place Poster.

"Analysis of Transcriptional and Protein Modulation in Human Normal Lung Derived Cells Exposed to Single and Multiple Doses of Gamma-rays." Daniela Trani, Temple University, Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research, Third Place Poster.

Contest winners were announced at the Dinner Banquet, Sunday, July 15, 2007. Poster contest judges were Eleanor Blakely; Francis A. Cucinotta; Gregory Nelson; Janice Pluth; Jerry Shay, committee chair; and Betsy Sutherland.

Student poster presenters

Photo contest winners pictured here are (left to right) Jerry Shay, contest chairman; Daniela Trani, Hisataka Kondo, Oscar Delgado, Andres Roig, and Francis Cucinotta.


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