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Ronita Cromwell

Interviews to promote bed rest studies arranged by the Public Affairs Office of NASA were given to the following:


HRP Education & Outreach
September 26, 2013


WOAI Radio in San Antonio, TX
September 24, 2013


BBC Horizon Science Show
(Interview and filming)
September 24, 2013 


Huffington Post
September 17, 2013


NASA needs volunteers to stay in bed for 15 weeks straight

Houston Chronicle


NASA Will Pay $18,000 To Watch You Rest in Bed — Really

Forbes Magazine


Get paid thousands to stay in bed

CNN (scroll down on the web page to see the video)

Peter Norsk

Interviewed by Skype to Danish National Television (TV2-News) on 1-year mission, March 27, 2015.


Interviewed by Illustrated Science in Denmark on space physiology, December 2012.

Christian Otto

NASA looks at visual impairment intracranial pressure risk in astronauts
March 2, 2015

It’s All in Your Head: NASA Investigates Techniques for Measuring Intracranial Pressure
December 17, 2013


Antarctic research could help NASA limit risks to astronaut health was posted by Sabrina Doyle in The Polar Blog on Saturday, September 21, 2013 


Conducted a TV interview on NASA’s Visual Impairment Intracranial Pressure Risk, with Channel Russia 2 (Россия 2) arranged by the NASA Public Affairs Office.  Channel Russia 2 is one of the major Russian federal TV channels producing a series of documentaries called 5 Senses.


Fake Mission Accomplished for Mars500
November 5, 2011


6 Guys in a Capsule: 520 Days on a Simulated Mars Mission
Wired Magazine
October 21, 2011


No One Can Hear You Scream: At Mars on Earth, on Canada’s Devon Island, researchers prepare for space travel’s worst dangers
The Walrus Magazine
September 2010


The Antarctic Happiness Plan — Insights from Life on the Edge
Psychology Today
March/April 2010


Zarana Patel

AT cells are not radiosensitive for simple chromosomal exchanges at low dose

Hada M, Huff JL, Patel ZS, Kawata T, Pluth JM, George KA, Cucinotta FA.
Mutat Res.

Nov 1, 2011;716(1–2):76–83.


Aug 26, 2011


Susana Zanello

Vision Findings
Eureka Alert


Sara Zwart

Interviewed by a journalist from Business Insider Science, March 2015.