Ronita Cromwell


NASAs Flight Analogs Project, featured on Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club.  BBS November 2012 (Link to video)


Helping Astronauts Stay Healthy; NASAs Flight Analogs Project.  A bed rest study helps determine the needs of astronauts during space travel.  (Link to video).


Interviewed by the BBC and discussion of the upcoming visit and filming at the Flight Analogs Research Unit, September 5, 2012


Lealem Mulugeta


International Space Station L.A.B.S video released by the NASA Public Affairs Office


Christian Otto


Christian Otto was interviewed about NASA’s Ocular Health Study at the American Glaucoma Society Meeting.  The meeting was held February 26–March 1, 2015 in Coronado, CA.
(Link to video)


Space Station Live: Checking Your Eyes in Space
Space Station Live commentator Brandi Dean interviews Dr. Christian Otto, Principal Investigator, Ocular Health. This interview aired during Space Station Live on October 9, 2014.
(Link to video)


Space Station Live: Ocular Health for Astronauts. Dr. Christian discusses his ongoing study of ocular health for astronauts.
(Link to video)


Participated in a radio interview at 7 PM Saturday and 1 PM Sunday on FM 89.3 WYPL in Memphis. Vance Durbin


Interview with NASA PAO for ISS Live TV show – May 2, 2014.


Space Station Live: Studying The Risk of Visual Impairment in Space


Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean interviews Christian Otto, the principal investigator of the Ocular Health experiment. The research seeks to characterize the physiological changes and risk of visual impairment during a long-term mission in microgravity.

The Ocular Health study will help scientists to understand the changes to an International Space Station crew member's eyesight. The study compares an astronaut's vision during long-term stays in space to their vision before and after a space mission. View on the JSC website.


Space Station Live: Ocular Health for Astronauts - Christian Otto, M.D. in an interview with NASA TV Space Station Live discusses his ongoing study of ocular health for astronauts.
June 2013


Interviewed by NPR to discuss the Mars 500 Experiment, November 5, 2011


Part 3:   Extreme Work

CBC Radio
April 20, 2010


Lori Ploutz-Snyder


NASA Project Scientist Dr. Lori Ploutz-Snyder, a three time Ohio University alumna and Honors Tutorial College graduate, develops strategies to mitigate the debilitating physiologic effects of long-term spaceflight. Her team’s work is of particular importance as NASA continues research on a three-year mission to Mars.  Article and interview, Ohio University.  Read more.


An interview with NASA Lead Exercise Physiology Scientist Lori Ploutz-Snyder about the SPRINT exercise program used by crew members aboard the International Space Station.


Bill Todd


What is NEEMO? - a visit with Bill Todd - Mission Manager of NEEMO


ISS Update: NEEMO Training Simulates Working on an Asteroid – interview with Bill Todd


Sara Zwart

The NASA ISS Food Intake Tracker (Fit) was featured in a BBC news story:


Completed an interview from the Science Council in the UK for a new website aiming to bring STEM resources to young students, parents, and educators.  Women@NASA is helping them by providing content for the space section. FutureMorph
October 2012.


Publication: “Space Nutrition” Trafford Publishing. Available on the HACD website: Biomedical Research and Environmental Sciences
July 2012.


Vision Changes After Spaceflight (study explanation)